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A school is so much more than a place to teach children, it’s a community. Every school has a history, an atmosphere, a heart. A school by default is part of a person’s personal history. It’s a place of memories, where friendships are forged and children learn about the world and their place in it.

Schools aren’t only a place where children learn, they are workplaces where teachers and other staff members go every day to contribute to children’s lives. They are an integral part of the school community and without their commitment and passion, there wouldn’t be a school.

And then there are the parents who stand at the gates, making their own friendships, watching their little ones enter with hesitation on their first day, and saunter out with confidence on their last, not so little anymore. They’re part of the community; often an integral part of the school’s daily goings-on, with no other reward than the appreciation of the school and the pride they feel being part of that community.

All these different groups of the community have been there for many years. The people change, but the spirit stays the same. That’s a school.

Capture that spirit with a beautiful coffee-table book. Share your school’s history and celebrate its passion for education. Immortalise its history, show the faces and voices of those who might have been there at the beginning many decades ago. Tell their stories so they don’t get lost.

All of the books for schools we have published have told interesting tales of dedication and passion. Of hardworking people who just wanted a school for the local children, who fought for that school, who cared about that school community.

Take for example Siena College, who have seized the opportunity of their 75th anniversary to tell 75 stories about their alumni. Or Holy Cross College, who celebrated 125 years by collecting a series of vignettes about the school and its history to connecting generations. Another example is Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School, who published a book for their centenary and captured their motto of educating boys to become gentlemen, scholars and sportsmen.

Each of those books are vibrant reflections of the warmth and dedication of their staff, with beautiful pictures both historical and current, and convey the communities of those schools.

Use your own book to let the current staff, students and parents shine, to show your school off to potential students’ parents, to stakeholders and your local community. Sharing this book brings your community to those who might be on the peripherals, but are interested in finding out more.

Bounce Books has a decade of experience publishing coffee-table books for schools, and we are here to help you start your book, or help you finish if you’ve already started your project. We can help you with writing, editing, images and design, and we can manage your project to deliver your book on time and within budget.

Get in touch with us today, and we can get your project on the way.

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