A company coffee table book fuels staff pride

Your company or school probably has a very exciting and interesting history. There might be people in its past with amazing stories that would inspire the people currently working with you and instil them with a sense of pride and belonging.

You want to reward your staff for their commitment and passion, and remind them that they’re following in the footsteps of people who had a dream and started the place they now call their work home. Or perhaps you’ve gone through a big change; a change of management or name, or you’ve had a new acquisition or merge that might have your staff wondering who they’re working for and where it’s all heading in the future. The multinational Nufarm used their book to solidify their brand by telling its history of a merge of two companies, for example.

A beautiful coffee-table book that shares your company’s legacy, with its founders and historical characters, will tell the story of where it all began and then move on to the here and now – let your current stars shine – and it will conclude with your vision for the future.

There is no school or business without a community, people naturally connect with each other and want to belong. It’s a great motivator for staff to know who has brought them there, what role they play and who they’re working with.

Whether your school or business is small and run by a very tight-knit group of people or a family, or you started that way but you’re now a global corporation, it’s still a business that relies on people to go to their job in order to offer something to other people: your clients or students.

When you create a story that your staff is part of, a history they feel connected to, and a legacy they are proud of, you unite them under the banner of your brand. And they’ll be excited to share this story with others, so you’re creating a powerful marketing tool at the same time.

Take Siena College, who celebrated their 75th anniversary by shining a light on 75 of their alumni. They now have a book that makes them feel proud of their school, its past and its future.

A book with interesting historical anecdotes, documents and images, and stunning, vibrant pictures and stories of what goes on in your business or at your school now, will also bring that community and world to the foreground for your stakeholders and channel partners, as well as potential new clients or students.

Let Bounce Books take your company or school history and turn it into a gorgeous tool to motivate, unite and encourage your staff. Reward them for their hard work, and show the world what an exciting place your business or school is.

Get in touch with us now, we can start your journey today.

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