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Whether it’s a packet of tiny teddies to pop in the kids’ lunchbox, a scotch finger dunked in your afternoon cuppa or a sneaky Tim-Tam slam, every Australian is partial to an Arnott’s bikkie.

From very humble beginnings, an ambitious and resilient William Arnott set the foundation for one of Australia’s most iconic family businesses, and here at Bounce we’ve had the pleasure of telling that story. One hundred and fifty years is an incredible milestone, one that calls for a step back in time to reminisce and appreciate a century and a half of hard work and commitment.

Storytelling in business serves many purposes and for Arnott’s it was an opportunity for staff, suppliers, and everyone involved in the company to share a sense of celebration. Bounce delved into a rich and sentimental Australian history with the aim of producing a book that captured a very evident Arnott’s spirit. From the opening of William’s first Newcastle bakery in 1865 and bread delivery by horse and cart, to modern day innovations and talk of ‘3D micro-bakeries’, Arnott’s has seen immense change. What’s nice though, is their commitment to preserving the simple things, and an acknowledgement that as time goes by and the world continues to pick up pace, these ‘simple pleasures’ are savoured moments that should not be lost.

Revisiting history is an integral part of storytelling in business; it’s the backbone of our creative process. There’s a lot to uncover and explore in 150 years of history, and because of this, we decided a chronological layout would work best. Each chapter is broken up into chapters whose beginnings and endings complement the natural flow of the story, and each chapter is scattered with the quirky images and facts we discovered along the way. Who knew the Arnott’s parrot was in fact a gift to William from a sea captain? And who remembers the Amazing Adventures of Anthony Arrowroot? Every Australian generation from 1870 through to 2016 has its own connection with Arnotts and that’s what’s so special about the company – in an ever-changing world Arnott’s has remained a constant.

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