Coogee Boys' Prep School: 'This is who we are'

One of us at Bounce is a former teacher, and we know that, in the same way that children are all different, so too are schools. When we’re creating a book for a school, delving into what makes that school special, different from all the others, is key if we're going to capture the true essence of the place.

For some of the schools we’ve worked with, the purpose of the book has not been to detail the full history of the organisation, but to paint a picture; to celebrate a community; to connect and to reconnect. When Coogee Boys' Preparatory School in Randwick, NSW, celebrated their centenary in 2015, this was exactly the kind of book they wanted.

Rather than go for a chronological history, we went with a book of stories – about teachers, about former students, about traditions, school houses, celebrations, buildings, principals past and present, families, learning – that, when read together, would give the reader a true picture of what Coogee Prep is like. Each page tells its own story; a perfect book for anyone, including the students themselves, to dip in and out of. What a wonderful teaching tool a book like this will make. And what an amazing marketing tool.

It's being sold in the school community, and future students will receive a copy when they join the Coogee Prep family. What a marvelous way to say, ‘ This is who we are; this is what you are now a part of.’ As far as affirming a culture and making connections, it really doesn’t get any better.

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