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We all have memories about our own childhood family holidays. Sure, they might not all be book-worthy (and some you might wish you could erase altogether!) but odds are family holidays of years gone by have become cherished memories and a raft of in-jokes. Time together to learn about each other and to share common experiences tightens family bonds: it’s a priceless investment in your family.

Avida knows this, and for fifty years the company has been helping Australians create lifelong memories. And along the way they’ve created enough of their own memories to fill a book! When Bruce Binns built his own unique slide-on camper trailer in his parents’ garage fifty years ago, he had no idea that he was also building a legacy – a family business that would celebrate fifty years in 2016. With his children Ben and Samantha now firmly at the helm, the company and the family can enjoy a pause in their busy days making Australia’s best motorhomes to acknowledge their own memories and proudly celebrate their achievements.

Their book, Avida – 50 Years Strong, is full of personal stories of the hardships, humour and ingenuity that today form the foundations of the Avida brand. Coupled with those personal reflections are beautiful lifestyle images that will go a long way to encouraging Australians to get ‘out there’ in one of Avida’s products. And it’s difficult to go past the photographs of early motorhome models without getting a twinge of nostalgia for our own childhoods.

So why a book? Well, firstly, to capture first-hand those stories of how Avida got to where it is today before they’re lost forever. And secondly, to maximise the company’s heritage of excellence. In a competitive field that requires a significant investment for each product, Avida recognises that its history and family values, which are inextricably intertwined with its products and processes, are an incredibly valuable marketing tool when it comes to standing out from the crowd. And that’s exactly what is happening.

So in the spirit of Bruce Binns and his Avida family – here’s to getting out into the world and creating some happy memories! Happy Easter and safe travels.

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