Bounce’s work began with editing, project management and then design, proofing and printing. With text coming from a range of sources with a variety of writing styles and covering an eclectic range of topics, editing became a key element to the success of this project. It required us to restructure the content, which then informed how we approached the design and layout.  Project management was an important aspect of this project as a number of people needed to be involved with approvals and decision-making.


To celebrate its centenary, the Royal Australian Chemical Institute was determined to produce a book that would capture not just the history of their organisation, but also the contributions of its many members. It was to be part celebration book and part historical record. Although RACI's members are passionate about chemistry, RACI didn’t want to produce a textbook – they wanted something that would appeal to all their members, including chemistry students, educators and chemists in industry.

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