Our story.

Bounce Books started in 2005 with two people and the idea that corporate book publishing shouldn't be hard; it should be rewarding, and fun. We had the skills to tell stories and make them look good, and we began with anniversary books for organisations celebrating milestones. After all, everyone's got a story to tell, and businesses are no exception.


A pictorial coffee table book to celebrate the centenary of Australian shirt manufacturer Pelaco was our first project. It showcased one hundred years of print advertisements, and Pelaco gave it as a gift to their many stockists and suppliers.  Next came a coffee table history book for the Italian social club Marconi's 50th anniversary, a corporate celebration book for Thiess Construction's 75th, which focused on business storytelling, and a profile book to celebrate 100 years of the Girl Guides in Australia. Each project was unique, and beautiful, and rewarding for both us and our clients. We haven't looked back.


Today, although we've grown, we are still a small team. Some things haven't changed, though. We still love talking to people and turning what we discover into beautiful coffee table books. We publish school books, corporate history books, community books, project celebration books, and books for family businesses. We've told the stories of almost one hundred clients, and one thing we know for sure:  there's no such thing as a boring story. 

Our offerings. 

We believe in authentic storytelling, beautiful design, attention to detail, smooth processes, creative collaboration and imaginative thinking. We believe in bringing your story to life.


We create beautiful coffee table books to celebrate milestones, pass on heritage and culture, and enrich relationships. We can manage your publishing project from concept to delivery, or just do the parts you need.

Our clients.
Our services. 
  • research 

  • interviews

  • writing

  • editing

  • proofing

  • photography & illustration  

  • concept development & design

  • layout and typesetting

  • print production

  • book launches 


Our niche. 
  • corporate book design

  • corporate book publishing

  • business storytelling

  • community book publishing 

  • school book publishing

  • family business publishing

  • custom publishing

Big businesses and small. We work with global corporations, family business, community organisations, schools and not-for-profits. 

If you have a story to tell, but don’t know how to tell it, you should get in touch.

Our processes.

We listen to what you have to say, dig a little deeper to find the really interesting stories, and then share them in a high-end coffee-table book.​

Our prices.

There can be no set price for a bespoke product. We’ve worked with big budgets and small, so if you want to make a coffee table book, get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk it over and then provide a detailed, transparent quote.

A word about publishing from our SEO team.

We couldn't bear to have you leave our site thinking we were terrible communicators, so to keep the SEO team happy, we decided to put all the keywords here, so you don't have to suffer the inconspicuous plonking of said keywords through all of our beautiful web copy. 


So, we make corporate celebration books and corporate coffee table books. Our clients love them because business storytelling and corporate storytelling are important if you value a strong culture within your organisation. Some might call this corporate book publishing and corporate book design, and it is, but it's also much more than that. It's also custom publishing and corporate publishing. People call us because they know we make custom coffee table books from the ground up,  but you might have also heard them referred to as a plain old coffee table books. Whatever you call it, if any of these is what you're after, you should contact us. We know what we're doing. 

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