Australians have every right to be proud of Commonwealth Serum Laboratories. Since its inception 100 years ago, the previously tax payer-owned public health agency has been the guardian of the country’s public health. More recently, the privatised company, now known as CSL, has gone on to conquer the world. Now a giant of the Australian sharemarket, its achievements have flown under the radar for too long, both with the Australian public and within its own global workforce. Their centenary was the perfect time to showcase their remarkable history and bright future with a carefully curated book.


We needed to generate content from the people that lived it, as well as from the excellent historical archives available to us. But first we needed to get our heads around what it was that CSL actually did, and the science behind how they been achieving it. No small undertaking! The content generation process was a key pillar in the company’s broad centenary communications campaign targeting staff, public and of course key government stakeholders across the globe.

CSL's story is told through incredible imagery and detailed captions and, because they are now world-leaders in plasma production, each book comes in its own silver 'plasma' bag.


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