The Cathedral School


Going to Townsville is not too tough an ask during a Melbourne winter, and visits to the school made very clear the sense of community and purpose at The Cathedral School of St Anne and St James. Although capturing the history of the school was important, they didn't want a lengthy, historical tome. Instead, they went for a detailed timeline that captured all the interesting events in the school's long history, taken from past yearbooks and other historical documents, while leaving out the 'boring bits'. The goal, and the result, was a book that the school community can dip in and out of, finding interesting snippets on every page.

The design focused on the detailed timeline that ran through every page, supplemented by short stories, profiles of people, images and recollections from past teachers and students. A wibalin cover, muted gold tones and uncoated paper give the book a historical feel, while the contemporary design keeps it firmly in the twenty-first century. 


And the final touch? A wrap-around cover that unfolds to reveal the names of every student ever to attend the school in its 100-year history That's 14,000 names. 


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