If you travel any distance around Sydney, chances are you’re driving over, through or past a structure that Benedict Industries has had a hand in building. In its fiftieth year, this family business wanted to record its contribution to the Sydney landscape, and document the legacy of the Benedict family.


The design showcases the stories of the Benedict business, the community of the people in the company and the texture and grit of the materials they produce. Given as a gift to staff, suppliers and clients, the book's message is that although Benedict's main goal is to supply products of the highest quality, the company is also dedicated to caring for the land at the same time. 

In line with the company’s drive for innovation, Bounce wanted to create a book with a very fresh and contemporary look that also pays respect to Benedict’s commitment to recycling and sustainability. Interviews were to be incorporated into the narrative because people are key to the story, and to the business.


From the Ground Up is an exciting reflection of the dedication and innovation of the Benedict company. It has beautiful photos as colourful as the stories and the people, and is a collection of fond memories and interesting facts. It tells the story of how the company’s past will inform its future, and how it is dedicated to both innovation and sustainability.

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